Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ms. Lulu's Daily Schedule

I love a classroom routine with a help of a Daily Schedule.  
Afterall, it's a must in any class!  
Once you have a consistent routine down and the students become familiar with it, then the class can practically run itself!  
The basics are the time blocks and the different activities.  You can change the activities around only AFTER the students know the expectations and routines of the class!  
I change up my daily schedule around throughout the school year!  
Hope my Daily Schedule works for you!  
Feel free to adjust it to your class and liking!  
If you do download and use it, I kindly ask that you leave a comment for me.  Thank you!


  1. Hi, I would LOVE to see you schedule, it might help me make my own before I start in August!
    The document says I need permission to view it though, can you send it to me?

    1. Hi Laura! I apologize! I forgot to share the file! It should be working now! Sorry to you and all those who tried to download it. But I think it's up now. Thanks for stopping by! =)

  2. Thanks, it is just what I needed to get myself started on my own!

  3. You are very welcome! Have a great school year!