Friday, June 8, 2012


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Have I ever mentioned how awesome puppets can be in a classroom?  In the younger classrooms, of course.  I purchased these 8 puppets from years ago and they have been a great investment!  

Great uses for puppets:
-classroom mgmt with various voices to get class' attention
-breakfast/snack/lunch time with new pals (puppets) to encourage students to try in foods
-physical education, movement, yoga 
-social stories: talking about feelings and emotions
-creating a variety of scenarios to teach students with special needs about how to interact with others
-role playing
-kitchen and pretend play activities
...the list can go on. 

I actually purchased mine when they were on sale at  Tip about the site though, make sure you read through the reviews before purchasing products.  The reviews from customers are usually right.  ;)

Oh & I also bought these 6 weather puppets, too!  And of course, it was to teach my young students about the weather!  :)  
Have fun!

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