Saturday, June 2, 2012


I love yoga!  Luckily, my prek students loved it, too!  

I introduced yoga to my students this year with the help of picture book, My Daddy is a Pretzel by Baron Baptiste.  My students and I love this book as it shows all the moves with engaging colorful pictures!  Of course, my students thought it was silly at first, but once they see some friends trying it, they all tried it and became little yogis with me!  Just wish I took pictures and videos of my students doing the poses!  There's always next year!  ;)  

This definitely goes along with the idea of dance/movement in the classroom!  

Seriously...try it!

Oh & here's a website that I just found:  Looks like an awesome resource in implementing yoga in the classroom!


  1. Fun! Yoga is a good way to get the kids up and moving for a break. I've done some yoga moves with my students before. This year, maybe I'll be more organized and put the name of a different yoga move on popsicle sticks so I can use that to decide what move we will do for our break.

    1. My students laugh and giggle about it at first, but as I implement yoga in the classroom on a weekly basis in addition to their physical education time, they really do love it and the laughs and giggles cease. :) Yoga is enjoyed at any age! Oh, I love your popsicle sticks idea!