Saturday, July 14, 2012


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Mrs. Gold's Class is an awesome teacher & blogger!  Found her today and love her ideas!  Especially her Giving Tree idea!  You make a huge tree in your classroom, branches & all.  Make a ton of leaves.  As students see each other doing good deeds for one another, they write a blurb on a leaf and place it on the tree!  An amazing positive environment will come about!  Here are Mrs. Gold's Class' Bulletin Board Ideas (Pictures), and click on her Giving Tree pictures for details!
I tried to implement it in my preK class this year.  Put up the brown butcher paper tree towards the end of the year, but never got to writing down the good things my students did for each other.  Will definitely do it this year...& the next...& the next...

Thanks, Mrs. Gold!

Oh and you can also use a tree and call it a Wishing Tree, where you put an item on each leaf that you wish to have in the classroom and parents/volunteers can take down a leaf, if they wish to donate that item!

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