Saturday, August 17, 2013

Back-to-School Time for Parents & Teachers!

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It's Back-to-School season means all sorts of feelings from children and parents and teachers!

There's excitement in the air...nervousness, sadness, happiness.  

Here is a fantastic resource for PARENTS and teachers regarding Back-to-School jitters at Reading Rockets.  Ultimately, Reading Rockets is a non-profit organization that teaches kids to read and helps those who struggle.  It's not just about the kids, but teaching parents how to teach their kids, too!  And of course, teachers.

For Parents:  here are some great tips on how to ease back into school, like:

Talk it up!

In the weeks before school starts, share your excitement about school with your child. Focus on the fun things he'll learn during the year, and all the different things he'll get to do, like go to P.E. class, music class, art class and the library. If you're excited, your child will be too!
For Teachers: here is a list of Top 10 Resources for Back to School, like:
Learn the "why" and "how" of creating a language- and literacy-rich classroom, especially for kids with special needs.
Happy 1st Day of School!

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