Friday, August 23, 2013

Daily Class Reflections Idea

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Holding students accountable for their learning is a learning process.  It teaches them to think about what was taught and whether they learned it or not.  But more importantly, it teaches them to set goals to achieve what they want to learn.  

I think a daily end-of-the-day class reflection is a fantastic way to bring the class back together, discuss what happened that day, which subjects/things they liked or disliked, and which subjects/things they feel they need more help in.  

Don't forget to maintain a positive welcoming environment for those shy students to share what they feel they need to work on.  With a group discussion, acceptance and acknowledge of each others' comments are necessary.  

Write these daily class reflections on a whiteboard.  Have a student record, or copy, what you write and put it in a binder and put it in the classroom library for students to read.  This can become the classroom newsletter!

If you have older students, eventually have them lead the end-of-the-day reflections and have them write and record!

Plus, this is would be a great way to see where your students are at and see if you need to reteach a lesson!

Please comment and let me know what you think!  Don't be shy to share your ideas, too!  Thanks!

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