Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Reward Your Students with Coupons, not Candy

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I prefer to reward my students with experiences, as opposed to candy or toys.  

As a fan of and liking their page on Facebook, I recently came across a first grade teacher named Laura Martin, who has reached $20,000 in sales this year on TpT!  That's awesome!

Laura created this 

Classroom Reward Coupons-50+ Coupons to Reward and Inspire Packet.  Some coupon ideas are Lunch with Teacher, Good Behavior Phone Call, Sit at Teacher's Desk, etc.  Pretty fun and definitely something a child would want!  Makes he/she feel extra special that day!

I downloaded something similar last year and put it in a folder for my students to flip through and choose what they would like.  It was something they looked forward to when I surprised them with these rewards at random.  

Thank you, Ms. Laura Martin for your time and creations!  You are awesome!  

Oh, and check out her website, Peace, Love, and First Grade, too!


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