Monday, July 16, 2012

MORE Back To School Deals...Now!

Office supply stores like, OfficeMaxStaples, & OfficeDepot always have Back To School Deals during the summer.    Perfect for teachers & families looking to save money on school supplies!

Here's the list of awesome deals for the week of July 15 to July 21


$0.10 0.5-oz PURELL Hand Sanitizer
$0.25 10-pk blue, black, or purple pens (limit 3)
$1.00 70-sheets spiral notebooks
$7.99 KINGSTON 8GB USB Flash Drive

$0.01 STAPLES writing pad (with $5 min. purchase)
$0.01 Avery 5-tab dividers (with $5 min. purchase)
$1.00 Avery 1" binders (with $5 min. purchase)
$1.00 6-pk ReMarx dry-erase markers (limit 4)
$1.00 8-oz. Expo dry-erase board cleaner (limit 4)
$5.99 SanDisk 8GB USB Flash Drive


If you sign up to their 
Star Teacher membership rewards program, you can get 100% back in bonus rewards. Bonus Rewards are limited 2 of each item per member per day. Allow up to 6 weeks for bonus Rewards to post to your account.  Here are the items that qualify for the 100% back in rewards this week...

$0.10 2-pocket Office Depot folders (limit 10)
$0.10 pencil sharpeners (limit 3)
$0.50 FORAY rollerball pen (limit 10)
$0.50 24-pk Crayola crayons (limit 3)

I'll try to post their Back-To-School Deals weekly, until it's not Back-To-School anymore!  :)
Happy Hunting!


  1. Thank you Ms. Lulu for the good info!!! Tomorrow is July 21st and I am heading to Office Depot!!!

    1. You're absolutely welcome! Hope you get a bunch of goodies for your class. Will post more deals soon! Thanks for stopping by. :)