Tuesday, July 17, 2012

6 Classroom Mgmt Tips Every Teacher Can Use

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6 Classroom Management Tips Every Teacher Can Use from NEA (National Educational Association) is pretty much on point.  

  1. Take Charge of Your Class: This is a must for every class before you can start your day!  Anything that can get their attention is a step to learning something.  The fun part for teachers is figuring out what fun attention getters to use!  
  2. Focus on the Disruptive Students:  This is as easy as just walking towards them to snap the students back to the task at hand.  Nonverbal cues are definitely effective.  But of course, calling out their name and asking them a question works too!  
  3. Let Students Choose Their Seats: Most teachers do not like to do this.  I like to at the beginning of the year, just so you can figure out which students are buddies and give them the opportunity to act responsibly...but if they get chatty, change seats! 
  4. Give Incentives to Do Their Best on Assignments: A little incentive can be good.  But ultimately, I am a teacher that likes to promote intrinsic motivation (more on this another time).  But I do like the idea of randomly picking that one student to determine further assignments for the whole class.
  5. Keep an Eye on Your Students:  This is a another must!  No matter where you are in the classroom, you must always have an eye on your class, even when you are helping one student at a time.  This helps in maintaining behaviors, too.  
  6. Establish Consequences for Misbehaviors: Students are going to act out at one point.  Although I like to focus more on students' positive behaviors, sometimes you do need consequences to misbehaviors.  In regards to behaviors though, I like to create the rules & consequences with my class at the beginning of the school year!  

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