Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tossing Into Fun

Toss some fun into reviewing the academic basics in the classroom!

  1. Place several large blank cards with one letter/shape/color/etc. per card. 
  2. Stand with students in a circle and spread out the cards in the center face up
  3. Have one child toss a provided beanbag onto a card and name what is on the card. 
  4. Whether the child gets the answer right or wrong, he/she can get the beanbag and hand it to the next friend. 
  5. Continue until each child has a turn identifying a card. 

To modify the activity for other skill areas, use cards labeled with colors, letters, numbers, or sight words, etc.  

Again, Thanks, Mailbox!


  1. I am going to adapt this for grade 6 science vocabulary....will do in smaller groups of 6-8 kids they must be able to give, definition, use in a sentence, give personal lesson connection. a great learning center activity :)

    1. What a fantastic idea to implement this in the higher grades! Thanks for sharing & stopping by! :)